Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Shep Shepard: Of Reapers And Soda Cans

I know they call them bottles. Let's face it, they are just in denial over the fact that in the future, everything is drunk out of tallboys!

'Sure, trees, desert grass...uh oh, my suit diagnostic is telling me that for a moment there you actually bored me to death.'

Anyway, back we go to Rannoch to settle the whole Reaper/Geth dilemma once and for all. I'll sum this one up pretty quick. Shep came, Shep saw, Shep blew the reaper up. Oh, and in one afternoon we manage to broker a peace in a war between the Geth and Quarians that has been running for almost 300 years. No biggie.

Then it's back to the Citadel! Seriously, does poor Shep never get tired of ping pong? This time, at least it's to hang out with Garrus and get a little R&R in. Hey, I like to shoot stuff! Garrus seems like he's from my neck of the woods, in that his idea of a good time involves a cooler full of beverages, and shooting the empties. I always knew Garrus was my kind of people.

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