Friday, November 9, 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Shep Shepard: I Totally Forgot This Thursday Edition

Yep. Forgoted. I'm sick with a mama of a cold right now, so you'll have to forgive me a bit. Anyway, the Adventure rolls on for Shep. I forgot to take pictures of the destruction of the great and powerful Geth Dreadnaught. Also, we got Tali back. We like Tali.

I never realized until now how ugly the back of Liara's neck was.
Back aboard the Normandy, we give Liara a pep talk, since she is down in the dumps, thinking she will live long enough to see the end of everything. Silly Liara, if the Reapers win, we'll be the first to go!

I thought this pose looked pretty epic. Also, I think the rock behind Shep's head is the same model they use on firebase dagger.
Then, back to Rannoch we go, to save Admiral Koris. My first playthrough, I didn't save him, because he was the jerk who tried to exile Tali. But, since they reversed which admirals are cool in this edition, it's better to rescue him.

"Liara, I enjoy these chats, but haven't we talked about the bright light making it hard to focus on what you're saying?"
Then, we have a touching conversation with our main girl Liara about her time capsule. She says lots of nice things about Shep, since we have been mostly good. We're on Santa's list all right. This scene can be comical if Shep's wearing a dress, since she sits like a dude regardless.


Gotthammer said...

Silly Liara, if the Reapers win, we'll be the first to go!

Ahahaha!! :D

I have probbaly spent more time than is healthy wondering what the back of Liara's neck feels like...
I really liked that they revised her skin texture to be sort of scaly so she's not just a "blue chick" but more alien.

Probably the first big canon diversion I've noticed - I saved Koris off the bat as Shep generally agreed with him in ME2!
Not over the Tali exile thing (and he did apologise), but over his attitude towards the Geth.

CounterFett said...

No I saved him right away as Shep, I meant on my first character, I just left him to die. I didn't realize that he was the cooler one this time around. I really liked Gerrel in ME2.

I also didn't realize what would happen the first time around if you let Legion upload the reaper code. :) I was shocked.

And yes, I heartily approve of her graphical upgrade in every regard.

Gotthammer said...

That makes more sense >.<

I never liked Gerrel though, seemed too crazy at first, then when he was all "Tali's Dad is great!" and it turns out Tali's dad is basically set up an illegal serial killer style lair for "experimenting" on the Geth, I was a bit wary of him.
Also, no accent...

Though that said I've never let Legion upload the code in such a way that ends with them blowing up the Quarians. First (non-canon) run through I stopped him 'cause, hey, the Geth do have a nasty habit of siding with the Reapers at the drop of a hat...
Of course my canon run has Shep bring peace and love to all (then kill the Geth right at the end - my bad guys [but see note above about reapers so whatevs])

CounterFett said...

Yup. I subscribe to Hackett's solution:

"He's wrong, dead Reapers are how we win this."

I loved Gerrel in ME2, he seemed like a cool, gruff old military guy. Sort of the Quarian equivalent of Hackett or Anderson. Or maybe Avery Johnson. In other words, my kind of people.

Then in 3, he tries to blow up the dread while I'm on it. Not cool Gerrel. Not cool.