Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Continuing Adventures: Tentacles!

In our last installment, Shep had finished up saving the Quarians' butts and simultaneously not exterminating the Geth (as much as she might have wanted to...), and now she returns to the Citadel to check the rest of those pesky companion quests off the journal.

Wait...Liara? Seriously? I forgot to lock in Liara? I seem to be forgetting this step lately, since she asks about it at the beginning of the game, so talking to her here about it seems superfluous. In any event, we chat up our favorite blue girl, say nice stuff about each other and hold hands. It's funny, with this being an 'M' rated game how G-rated the romance dialogues can be.

While we're at the Citadel, maybe we should go see this Bryson guy that Hackett keeps bugging me about. Yeah, this is only the second time I have played the Leviathan DLC, and this time was much better, as I managed to find more of the stuff. Also, I realized that it's important to have the above conversation with Liara BEFORE Leviathan, as she says different things during and between missions. Fun times.

Have I mentioned I hate Cuttlefish? I have? Good.

After the last mission, there is a cute little dialogue (with no cutscene, just at the console) where Liara asks you not to talk to the Leviathan anymore, as "I don't want anything tentacled in your mind...except for me."

Anyway, a couple pieces of small news regarding this feature; this one is light on pictures for how many missions it covers as  my camera data got pretty corrupted, and I vowed to only use my own screen caps for this (unlike Painting with Paint, which is pretty much anything goes). Also, I have changed the name, because once ME3 is over, I will be transitioning to Stealthgirl in KOTORII, so the Shep Shepard part will be considerably less applicable.

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