Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Time! Well, Not Yet Really. Plus: The Joy Of Lists!

Hey all, Counterfett here. We're going into the weekend here in a bit, and I wanted to give a quick holler and a bit of itinerary for what I am planning on this weekend. You all know how I love me my lists.
  1. Articulated Monster! If you didn't know, I do a podcast with James from Why Did I Buy That Toy? , Mario from A Year Of Toys, and sometimes AJ, of the internets. Let us know if there are questions or the like. We're always looking for fun or awkward topics to make the other James try and talk all casual about.
  2. Swords! Yup, that project is still ongoing, though it is nearing its inevitable conclusion. I still need to wrap the handles and inscribe the names on the saya. I think I am going to clear coat them as well, though not sure about that step. I might have to wait a pay period until I can afford more clear coat. the can I have might not be sufficient to the task.
  3. Mass Effect. Yup, I am back in the throes of complete ME3 addiciton again. Plus the 'Every Weekend is a Bounty Weekend' thing they have going right now is helping me round out my N7 weapons. I still don't have the Valkyrie, curse them!
  4. LEGO gaming. I am going to be working a little more on my "Gaming with LEGO" feature. It's been a while since I've touched on that (like, all the way back with Vandal teeam...who remembers them?), but it's a concept I'm still in love with, and since I have all these sweet new minifigs, it should get some more play.
  5. Examiner. I have been neglecting the Halo franchise a bit lately, which is ironic SINCE HALO 4 IS OUT TUESDAY THE SIXTH! Oh my gosh, this snuck up on me a bit. Is this the cure for spending way too much time on ME3? Probably not, since Cortana is no substitute for Liara, but Master Chief does amply compensate for Garrus and Shepard combined. Time will tell.
I think that's about it for now, folks. Stay tuned though! I am sure I will have more wacky and fun stuff all through the weekend.

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