Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Days Of Killer Robots - Day 10

Hey all, Counterfett here. Seems like we are getting down to the pointy end here with this countdown. I have to keep reminding myself that it ends on Christmas, because I feel like I have an extra day before the holiday. I really have to remember to schedule that post tomorrow. My wife might not like me skipping on breakfast to do it on the 25th like she let's me most days.

#3: IG-88

Yes, for IG-88 I will break my rule of only one entry per franchise. Though I guess technically I could beg off and say that KotOR & the Original Trilogy are different franchises, I am willing to stick to my guns on this one. IG-88 is worth it.

I doubt I need to go in any detail on backstory for this guy, considering my audience here, but IG-88 is one of the Bounty Hunters present in the great scene on the Executor in The Empire Strikes Back. That's pretty much all you see of him, which was still enough for me to think he was pretty sweet back when I was a kid. IG-88s & Bossk we in fact my favorite action figures at the time. Star Wars didn't have much 'grey area' in terms of morality, so these guys were refreshing in the middle of the black & white battle that is the Star Wars movies.

In the expanded universe and cartoons, we do get a little backstory on the IG series, and discover that IG-88 is the pinnacle of a developmental line that included the IG lancers, IG 86, IG-87 (a unique experimental unit which outlived the IG-88s), and that there were in fact, several units called IG-88 which shared a distributed neural network. OMG they are all Geth!


MIK said...

Awesome entry! Easily one of my favorite action figures as a kid.

Mario! said...

Fun fact: IG-88's consciousness had taken over the second Death Star. You know how that turned out.