Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 Days Of Killer Robots Day 3

Good morning all, Counterfett here. Today's installment is a bit tardy, as I actually did my favorite thing in the world last night and stayed up super late playing video games. In any event, Robots! Today we go back to movies. While I suppose these have appeared in video games, it is definitely more associated with its movie franchise!

#10 Sentinel

Now there have been a lot of robots called Sentinels, but this is the one that scares me. I don't like squids or octopi, or robots thereof. As an aside, I went looking for the plural of octopus just now, as I thought it had changed, and Merriam Webster says that there are THREE correct pluriforms: octopuses, octopi, and octopodes. So, since I grew up with octopi, and it doesn't feel stupid to say, I am sticking with it.

In the Matrix, the Sentinels are the only 'Machines' I remember seeing of the terrifying machine army which crushed humanity. Most of the rest we see could be described as software or AI. This was always vaguely disappointing to me, as I wanted to see this awesome, unstoppable robot army they keep talking about. As scary as the sentinels are, remember that scene where like 15 mechs hold off like 40,000 sentinels all day? Killing swarms of them with relative impunity? Or how they use the one puny EMP and fry all the rest?

How did the humans lose again? Anyway, enough with my quibbling over the plot of The Matrix franchise. Things with tentacles are scary! As my old instructor used to say 'You will see this material again!'

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Mike Howell said...

I loved the ruthless efficiency with which these guys disassembled the Nebuchadnezzar to get to the creamy middle.

Wait, you don't remember the huge harvester bots? Those were awesome, even though they weren't combat oriented.

And keep telling yourself M2&3 never happened. Never... happened...