Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Days Of Killer Robots: Day 4

Hey all, Counterfett here with today's installment of the Killer Robot Countdown! I had a super crummy day, so I apologize if my typical glowing banter is a Meetings where people flip out and scream at each other over the simplest disagreements are not really my thing. In any event, I find there are few bad day type events that I cannot solve with a liberal application of McDonald's. Also, since Mario! says that Daleks aren't robots, I'm changing today's entry to one of my 'honorable mentions.'

#9 Mechagodzilla

While I know nearly as little about Mechagodzilla as I do about Dr. Who, I am pretty sure that Mechagodzilla actually qualifies as a robot. That Daleks aren't robots only confirms my belief that Dr. Who is not a show for me.

Anyway, I watched a lot of Godzilla movies when I was a kid. See, we didn't have a washing machine, and since my dad was too much of a cheapskate to ever buy one, my mom had to go to the laundromat. Did I ever mention that I am from a huge family? So we were there a lot. And, as the youngest, and a bit of an introvert, I ended up going to help her a lot.

The place we went had a little 'kid lounge' or something where you could put on movies. They had a lot of little people type movies, but I was just old enough to not be that into cartoons, so I always ended up watching one of the (in retrospect) colossal number of Japanese monster movies they had. Looking back, that laundromat owner must have been a connoisseur or something, because several that were there I never saw again.

But it did launch an abiding love for big stompy monsters. And Mechagodzilla was one of the best.

Ah, memories.


Mario! said...

Daleks aren't robots. :(

CounterFett said...

Really? See, don't know.

CounterFett said...

There. Now it's Mechagodzilla, you happy?

Mario! said...

This is acceptable.

WQRobb said...

*cough* cyborg after its first appearance *cough*


Mike Howell said...

Stompy and chompy. With finger missiles. All is well.