Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days Of Killer Robots. Day One

Hey all, Counterfett here with day one of a long planned countdown type event that I totally forgot to talk about or promote ahead of time! Sweet right?

Anyway. There are a lot of people doing twelve days of Christmas countdowns. We're all doing it wrong, as the twelve days of Christmas actually starts on Christmas. But whatever. The other thing I noticed is that a ton of the countdowns started yesterday. That will have them ending on the 24th. Is this because I am the only blogger insane enough to actually post on Christmas? Mayhap. Anyway, on with the show.

#12: Necrons

There are those who knock the Necrons, saying they are a two bit knockoff of terminators and mummies, and well, they are. It's patently obvious. But who doesn't love terminator mummies? This guy sure does! Anyway, these are sort of in here because I felt like I couldn't leave them out. Much like the bolter and bolt pistol making their respective countdowns.

Still and all, I do like the Necrons, they have an awful lot going for them. Floating pyramids? Check. Skull faces? Check. Glowing green death rays? Check. I don't know what else you could ask for.


Mike Howell said...

Wooo! Great countdown idea! My RSS feeds are tingly with anticipation.

I don't know if I would want to paint an army of Necrons, but I love the imagery. Even though their heads are static the elongated faces have an emotion to them. And the green glow is wonderfully creepy.

CounterFett said...

Haha. Sorry, didn't mean to get your RSS all tingly.

I came quite close to having my very first army be Necrons, because I thought even I could do a respectable job with the 'default' paint scheme.

Not to bag on Necron players, I have seen some amazing paintjobs and conversions, but it's a faction where you can largely get away with metallic drybrushing.

MIK said...

Nothing wrong with metallic drybrushing when you plop down a fully painted army! Although rare, the white-ceramic painted Necrons are just too cool for words.

Looks like a fun series of posts ahead in store for us!