Thursday, December 6, 2012

Free Halo 4 Double XP Day 2

That's right folks, another day, another free double XP code to give away!

So here's the deal. See those page links at the top? On one of those pages, I have entered a code that will get you some Double XP stuff for Halo 4 multi-player. Whoever finds it first and enters it at gets it! If you don't get it, never fear, I have more! Enough to keep this up through the end of the week at least!

Don't worry, yesterday was a abit of an outlier, I will also have regularly scheduled programming this evening. I think if I miss 'The Continuing Adventures' some portions of my readership might mutiny!


Anonymous said...

i cant finnnnd it

Anonymous said...

i cant find it!

Anonymous said...

I found it and when i redeemed it, it worked but its not showing up in the redeemed codes bar :/

CounterFett said...

Sorry, that one's outside my control, lol.