Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mass Effect: The Lost Weekend

Funny how Shepard & Garrus look so derpy, but Ashley looks waaaay hotter than she does in the game.
Well, I can also partially blame it on the fact that I had next to zero internet connectivity on Friday night, Sturday, and most of Sunday, but I have not been online much. I bought the original Mass Effect on friday because Target had it super cheap in their 'throwaway' section. Seriously, I got it for $5 less than used at gamestop.

I have gone on the record to say I didn't like this game very much. I played it on PC back when it came out, and while I loved the story (enough to launch a near legendary esteem for blue girls), the game-play was quite lacking. I am happy to report that this time around was MUCH better.

I already took my first soldier, Lady Death Shepard, through the campaign, and now she is imported into ME2. I was wondering if ME2 would import facial scars, since I had never imported a ME1 character (I used the Genesis DLC to get save files up to this point). I am sad to report it does not. This means my seriously scarred Vanguard Bjorn (who looks like a viking!) will be much less seedy looking after ME1.

A big part of my problem with the combat system in ME1 apparently stemmed from the fact that I suck at shooter games on the PC (incidentally, why I had such a hard time beating Halo PC). I had a much better time on the XBox. Also, knowing what I do of the story made the game feel more relevant. There are so many little nuances from this game that I had forgotten.

Long story short, I'm back to regularly scheduled programming. The reson I was playing so much was because I was offline, not vice versa, now that everything is up and running we should be cool. Look forward to the Halo 4 Free XP tomorrow morning, as well as minifig monday later on.

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