Monday, December 31, 2012

Minifig Monday - So Many Commander Shepards (1)

Hey all, Counterfett here. I'm wrapping up the last couple days of my vacation here, and while sad, I feel like I did quite a bit in terms of fun projects and family time. I am breaking one of my posting rules here and I am going to have two figures in this update, because, as much as I dig Commander Shepard, I don't want to have too many posts of this series be taken up with what is, ostensibly, one character. There are a few 'anachronisms' in these figures, if the word can even be applied to fiction, but I'll explain those in a minute.

Bjorn Shepard: Angry Space Viking Vanguard
This is Bjorn Shepard. Those of you who also read 'The Continuing Adventures' series saw him a few updates ago. He is a Vanguard with the Colonist/Ruthless character history. He is my 'bad guy' character, with as much Renegade options as I am willing to do (about 66% Paragon, what can I say, I feel like a jerk doing renegade) and he is so named because I thought he looked like a viking, with his craggy face and prominent scarring. He is wearing his Colossus medium armor. It's the best gear in the game, and he's my only character to find a set. The thing I did inaccurately here is that the Colossus armor does not have an N7 stripe on the top. But since I didn't have any gray helmets, I put it on, if only to not waste the decal. It looks ok, I think. I like the head, because the angry face/scar/black sideburns made making this character irresistible to me.

Perseus Shepard: Virtuous Sentinel Vin Deisel Lookalike
This is Perseus Shepard, a Spacer/Sole Survivor Sentinel that KE554 created. She made him look like Vin Diesel. I gave him a helmet because I didn't want to leave his head bare and explain to people that he was finished but just didn't have hair. He's wearing plain old Onyx light armor, something that I did in the game, but makes you feel like you are really making a sacrifice. There is simply much better armor in the first game. With a high enough Electronics skill (which can give you like +150 shields at higher levels) it all works out. He has my LEGO rendition of the securitel helmet from ME3, which is obviously not in the first game.

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