Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Dat Blue Girl Retro

Hey all, Counterfett here with either my most loved or hated weekly feature (depending on if you like or hate these, I suppose). After last weeks Omega Extravaganza of painting, I kind of wanted to get back to basics with this. Coincidentally, while I was recovering the data from my defunct thumb drive, I came across screen caps from my one (and only) Mass Effect 1 play through back on PC. Now this may come as a surprise to many, but I didn't like the first Mass Effect. It had a great story, but I thought the combat system sucked. Remember to click for larger!

No, Liara, you're not hallucinating, your knight in shining armor has arrived.
Also, I hated Benezia. I just thought she was a ridiculous villain. So I figured Liara was going to be this annoying mid-boss type enemy, so I put off going to Therum. When I got there, I was treated to the rather hilarious scene where she thinks you are a hallucination when you arrive to rescue her. After that of course, she was my most favorite squad mate.

I like to think I taught her this.
I think I brought her on every mission after that. Where most people I have seen play the original game seem to always bring Ashley and Wrex all the time, I rolled with Liara and Garrus (rather like in ME3, come to think of it). As such, I am one of the few players I have seen who had Liara be the one who 'made sure' and shot Saren at the Presidium.

I usually had her in the camo armor, but I think I changed it to this stuff because I thought it was better and she might need the protection on the last mission. I wish I had kept it for the shot.
Of course, right after I mention that I always brought Liara and Garrus, I prove that I brought Kaiden on the last mission of the game for some reason. I thought he might be important. I don't remember why.

She sad.
The reason Liara is so great is the depth of the character. When Shepard is presumed to have been crushed by falling masonry or reaper bits or something she seems to be the only one all that broken up about it. I had actually romanced her, but I've been told she gets bummed out even if you hadn't.

Oh, hey, if you are still reading this, it means you are a big enough supporter of the series that you might like to know I finally updated the PWP page links at the top. I added almost 50 new images, and a whole new page. Let me know what you think.


Gotthammer said...

The hallucination scene is hilarious, though you only get it if you pick her up at the end of the three missions (I got her first in my initial plythrough and always go there now).

I usually had Liara and Kaidan - biotic spam FTW! Barely used Wrex, don't get what all the fuss was about :p

I had Liara cap Saren on the presidium too - right after advocating letting the council die!
Stone cold, baby, stone cold.

It's weird going back to ME1, not only because combat is wonky (I enjoy no ammo, but ME2 is a great leap forward), but in it Liara's modelled off Jillian Murray, but from LotSB it seems like they switched up to Emma Watson, so she looks so young in ME1!
But it's ok, Shep's a bit of a drunken letch so whatevs ;)

Loving the galleries and, yes, I am happy now! Lol :D
The Reaper in the mist at the bottom of Pg2 is still one of my faves. Maybe put links to the other pages at teh bottom of each section too?

Also, that Garrus fig - definitely not very stable. Found him face down on the floor after he stage dived off his shelf, taking out a few 3 3/4 figures and almost knocking the arm off my Phantom Titan on his way down.

CounterFett said...

Eeek! Watch the titan!

I don't remember what she said about the council, I think she said to save them. Weird. Probably peer pressure from Mr. Integrity: Kaidan. I was inordinately proud of her popping Saren, though, not sure why.

I'm sort of confused sometimes about her appearance change in ME2, because while I thought she looked good in ME1, and she looked good (if different) in LotSB, I thought she looked weird in ME2 before the DLC. I think I have it narrowed down to the pink lips. In LotSB they are back to blue. Not sure why that would bother me, but it seems to.

Good idea about the gallery page links. I had planned on that originally, but they sort of spiralled out of control once I finally sat down and updated them.

I only played ME1 one time, but I think I am going to get the Trilogy, so I might be re-playing it soon. It will be weird to play it on Xbox instead of PC.

CounterFett said...

Also, on that first pic, I tried really hard to make her freckles work, something at which I continue to be unsuccessful.

Gotthammer said...

Pink lipstick! That's what bugs me about ME2 - I thought it was weird lighting or something...

Not sure how freckles would go with impressionism I'm afraid. Pity, 'cause they're really cute! ^_^

Well, some people do find his integrity annoying :p Poor Kaidan, at least he'll be in the next DLC.

CounterFett said...

I will find a way on those freckles! If I could find a way to show Merrill's tattoos, I can get Liara's freckles.

It just might take some trying.

What's the next DLC going to be? Why do I know nothing of this?

Gotthammer said...

The new DLC has been confirmed to be in the works, with all the main BioWare writers working on it, but no idea what it is yet. Raphael Sbarge and Seth Green have confirmed that they're doing VA work (or at least that they've done some post-Leviathan and since they weren't in Omega...).

Sam Hulick has also mentioned working on music for an unnamed DLC project, including one piece that may well bring tears to the eyes.

I've seen lots of "it's an epilogue!" speculation, but it may well be something like visiting Joker's homeworld, which would bring on the tears no doubt.


And keep working on those freckles - at the very least it means more Liara art! ;)

CounterFett said...


Does it make me a 'Take ME3 Back'-er if I hope for an epilogue too?

Hmm, actually it might be a bad thing if it was. Would you have to play as someone other than Shepard? Interesting premise.

The amount of work I have done recently on Liara is making me feel obsessive, so I might have to do something else for a bit. It bothers me that I feel like I haven't got her 'just right' yet, when I have pieces for other characters that I feel capture them well enough to be the representative piece.

CounterFett said...

And, Lol, just noticed your new icon. Nice one.