Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Freckles

Blogger won't let me use custom size pics, so for goddess's sake click on it to see the full size!
Well. It happened. I can stop painting Liara now. I probably won't, but I'll maybe take a break. Now, let me just say...this took way longer than I wanted to spend, and was way more work than it should have been. But, the payoff is....FRECKLES!

If you ever wondered how difficult it is to integrate freckles into an electronic pseudo impressionism painting made on a graphics editor based on a high res screen shot from a video game, I am here to tell you...it wasn't easy. Oh, and I might have had an easier time if I remembered to switch off of the BIG ANGRY BRUSH. Sorry for all the caps in this post, guys, I don't know what's come over me.

Ideally, I would have found this same type of shot from the other side, as most of the 'recognizable' freckling is on the other side of her face. D'oh. But this was the best capture I could get. Seriously. This is my own capture. Remember how crappy my captures usually are? This is the best capture I have ever got from one of my own games, and it took some doing. I wish I had remembered to use a far back enough save so I could change her to either of the two more 'hallmark' costumes, rather than having her dressed as a Phantom (ok, so it's a bit fetishist, but I have phases). Whatever. Freckles.

Now, if you don't mind, I think I am going to take a nap.


Gotthammer said...

Yay freckles! :D

Worked great, the hard work was really worth it :)
If she was in her whites it'd make a perfect poster - now it's just a really good one ;)

I also caved and bought the Ash Play Arts figure with the new character lithos from the bioware store (Garrus and Tali, still no Liara love!).

CounterFett said...


I know, I really want to go back and get a new capture in the default costume.

I was considering it last night when I was scheduling the post. I just don't know if I can face redoing this one.

Getting the freckles in took three layers! Three!

You make me so jealous with your purchases. I almost had to wait for Christmas for my ME1 copy I just bought. THankfully, my wife caved. I really didn't want to wait that long.

You better review stuff.

Gotthammer said...

I actually really like that costume - very Gemini era space suit - but it doesn't have the same feel for me (ie not enough curves, lol :p ).

I'm only spending money at the moment because retail therapy helps overcome the blargness of becoming single. At least it's cheaper than more dresses and shoes!
Will definitely review :)

On a side note relating to your ME1 playthrough - I modded my PC version so I had level X Onyx armour and a level X HMWA Spectre assault rifle. Coupled with master overkill and immunity it was like playing with god mode on and a super accurate machine gun!
In the last mission when the dropship is throwing Geth at you I just stood in the open mowing them down Rambo style :D
I'm usually pretty bad at shooters...

and I always figured Shep lost her scars 'cause Cerberus erased them when they put her face back on.

CounterFett said...

I stopped using that costume on Liara for the silliest of reasons: it made her bottom look weird.

Sorry about the blargs! It'll get better, I promise! And on the plus side, you'll have awesome Mass Effect swag.

I'm on Xbox, so I can't do the modding, sadly.

I got the Spectre guns by selling items to Dr. Michel after you stop her blackmailer. She pays more, then you run to the C-sec store and use buyback, which is cheaper than Dr. Michel paid. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Got the rich achievement, unlocked the Spectre guns, bought the ones I wanted (this was my vanguard, so I needed a pistol for him, a pistol for Liara, a shotty for him, and an AR for Garrus), and had enough left over for Scorpion VIII armor.

What can I say, I like the camo stuff.