Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - A Week Of 2.0

Well, you all know I kind of like to refer to anything that I re-do or try to fix as 'Version 2.0' even though in strict programming terms you are about to see 1.1 & 1.1a. Whatever. I know I repeat this too much, but you can click these to enlarge. Please!

Freckles! 2.0
I tried to get a screen cap as close to the exact moment as the 'Freckles' shot, but I missed it by, I think, a third of a second. Seriously, that camera pans out pretty darn quick on this shot. Also, the capture was not as good as the previous, so I had to paint it at slightly smaller resolution to come out right. Sadface. Anyway, I started working on this at about 5pm on December 11th. Because that's when I got home that day. The reason this got posted so late is because I basically only now finished this. It's probably best to not think about how much time I spent on this one. Seriously, don't do it.

I realized I never really explained in the original post how I did this or why it's different. What I usually do for this feature is take a low res screen capture (either my own or from a video), and paint over it in MS Paint (the newer versions with transparent brushes) or a better program like photoshop or gimp (which are easier because they can use layers). For this, I started with a much higher res base image, and then I used a total of three layers. The first layer I painted with semi-opaque, roughing out the shapes and 'basecoating' so to speak. The second layer, I drew the freckles and some of the face in with opaque. The third, top, layer, I paint over with a smaller, transparent brush. The computer equivalent of watercolors, maybe. It's pretty labor intensive, but it's the only way I have found to work in facial details like freckles that I am satisfied with. Any other way either has them too dark, or washed out, or not there at all.

Close Talking 2.0. Who remembers Close Talking 1.0?
To break up the monotony of examining each freckle in macro while painting with a transparency brush, I worked on this. Just...because. This was done the 'old' easier way. Remarkably, you can almost make out her freckles. Maybe I'm getting good at that? It took about one-third of the time, even though I used a smaller brush. Ok, so I pretty much just did this one for Gotthammer.


Gotthammer said...

Yay! :D

I really like it and it worked out perfectly. I shall consider it my xmas present, lol :p

Also thanks for the "how to" as well, I've always wondered how you do it.

And if you ever need specific scenes let me know as I've got -checking...- 1,081 / 351GB worth of ME cutscenes recorded... (though that's only ME3, half of ME2 and a bit of ME1), but drop me an email through my blogger profile and I can send you the clip to screenshot to your heart's content!

CounterFett said...

Well, merry Christmas!

Glad you like it.

I might take you up on some clips eventually. My main thing is I'm running out of ideas.

Might have to do some other games for a little bit.