Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pre-Order Critique: Hordes Afflictor

Ok, so I don't know if this is really new, or just a restock of something that came out since the last time I looked at Legion Of Everblight figures for my Zerg themed army. I get this problem since the place I check for upcoming releases that are not from Games Workshop is Miniature Market, and they post restocks in the upcoming releases section. Silly minature market!

Before you ask, yes...

In any event, the Legion of Everblight Afflictor! In the fluff, it says these are menat to spread the dragon Everblight's affliction to others. Sort of like regifting a fruitcake. Nobody really wants the blight. It's a neat model, and I applaud their decision to eschew any sort of flight base or stand, and just plunk the model right on the regular infantry base. You know why? I hate flight stands. That's why. I gave up on my Tau army years ago; because of those stupid clear plastic flight stems.

...I chose the pictures carefully to make a point.

The reason I am interested in this model in particular is because of that aforementioned Zerg army. This is a dead ringer for a mutalisk. Like seriously. It's funny how perfectly some of these models shoehorn.

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