Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Continuing Adventures: Hotel Transylvania

Well, it's been a bit since we visited Shep Shepard, having done sidetracking with Snake and Stealthgirl, doing DLC and the like. But our bold Heroine is back, and doing a favor for Asari High Command (we do love us some Matriarch Aethyta, after all). Namely, we're going to go blow up a church full of vampires. Well, Ardat-Yakshi anyway, which boils down to the same thing, but instead of drinking your blood they fry your brain with mind-bullets. Mind Bullets! As always, remember you can click to enlarge.

Also, as I have had an aggravating week at the workplace, this is also the return of BIG ANGRY BRUSH!

Have I mentioned I hate flashlight sequences? I do. elevator shafts are a particular favorite.
I went to the trouble of giving Shep a highly customized armor set built around her skills, with a nifty camouflage paint scheme, then I remembered that as a sentinel, camo seems pretty silly, since she has glowing tech armor all over her. Well, whatever.

Only the Asari would use such a pretty planet to build a prison for their vampires.
 It seems the Ardat-Yakshi are being used by the reapers to make one of my least favorite forms of enemy...Banshees! Long ago I came upon a strategy to defeat them easily however: a fusillade of warp ammo! You'd be amazed how many things that will kill.

Samara with one of her daughters that isn't Morinth. I forget which one, because Morinth is the only one of Samara's daughters that's interesting.
And of course, this wouldn't be a secondary quest without a Mass Effect 2 cameo appearance. This time it is Samara. I go back and forth on Samara. I want to like her. I really do, but I find it difficult to take her seriously in that shirt. Really. This is the problem I have with Isabella, Bioware. Have you learned nothing from my rants?

What would Shepard do? Blow up the monastery, save the blue girls (we care deeply about the Asari people!), and head off on our merry way!

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