Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Continuing Adventures: Shepard Meets Rex.

This could also be called, super short cop-out edition. More on that later.

Bjorn Shepard: Spectre, Viking, Palaeontologist?
Now before I get millions of comments and hate mail, no I don't mean Urdnot Wrex, I mean Tyrannosaurus Rex! Now, I have, for a long time, been trying to figure out exactly what I needed to find to get someone to make the dinosaur joke at Liara on Eden Prime in Mass Effect 3. Could this be it?

Oh, the reason this one is super short and a cop-out, before I catch too much flack, is that I am working on a few major Mass Effect projects. The first is the final few installments of the Continuing Adventures of Shep Shepard. I'm actually getting sad because I have become so attached to the character. Despite my plans for continuing the series, I'm not sure if it will live on once I finish with Shep.

The other big project, well, I guess I can call it 'Freckles 2.0'


Gotthammer said...

Don't think I ever saw that in ME1 but I got the dinosaur joke on Eden Prime (with Garrus and Vega).

Depression after being seprerated from Shep Shepard is completely normal - look what happened to Liara and Kaidan :p
And even if you don't continue the series per se, you can keep using the name to plug any updates of games you're playing through.

CounterFett said...

This is on one of the "UNC: Geth Incursion" worlds, in the...Armstrong cluster I think? It's not marked on the map, it's just in between the downed probe and debris, you know how those maps are.

Oh, and I've had 'Under The Sea' stuck in my head all day. I blame you for this.