Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who Wants Some Free Halo 4 Double XP? Day 1

Hey all, my beautiful wife had the idea of giving away some free Double XP stuff for Halo 4 that I had laying around. But being me, I couldn't just give it out, I wanted to make it FUN!

So here's the deal. See those page links at the top? On one of those pages, I have entered a code that will get you some Double XP stuff for Halo 4 multi-player. Whoever finds it first and enters it at gets it! There's only one code for today, but I have more that will be posted on subsequent days.

Have fun.


MIK said...

I think I failed.

CounterFett said...

Hey no worries Mik, you're going to have a few more chances!