Saturday, December 29, 2012

Work In Progress: My Volus Friend

*hss* They call me McJingles... *hss* Puddin McJingles.

Hey all. So the Painting With Paint (TM) series has got the creative juices flowing, so to speak. I actually drew this freehand, in pencil! I think the last time I actually drew something on paper was way back in the "Army of Evil Snowmen" days. Wow, that's a grim thought...what ever happened to that project? Oh, the morgue of big ideas that is my hobby blog.

But anyway, back to the piece at hand. The Retaliation expansion for Mass Effect 3 includes Volus characters. The original two were the Engineer and Adept. They later added a Sentinel and Vanguard. I think the Sentinel is the best (of course), as he has actual useful offensive powers, though I will admit that the concept of a Volus Vanguard does give me LOLs.

This specific Volus, named Puddin McJingles, was created to help me attain multiple challenge awards all at the same time. If I recall correctly, he was supposed to be working towards the Outsider challenge, the Assault Rifle challenge (that's why he has the ludicrously large Revenant), and the Biotic God challenge (with Biotic Orbs).

I love that they included the Volus. I love that they are fragile as teacups, and I love the limitations of their size (weak, no melee, can't shoot over low cover, etc.), though that does also open some interesting play options as well.

My plans for this moving forward are to ink it and color it in MS Paint. I'll post the other steps along the way as I do it. Now, be nice. Keep in mind that the actual drawing is only about 10% the size of the scanned image, so there are a lot of wobbles and smears that are not actually perceptible in real life.

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