Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars - Fanoogies

Trooper Dustin is a coward. Really, it says it on his character sheet. While an excellent fighter (7/3), his weak character and general incompetence off the field ensure he'll stay a trooper for a good long while. Dustin fights with a slug rifle.
Fanoogies is how military folk in this neck of the woods pronounce 'FNGs', which, as I am sure most of you realize stands for...new guys. I decided I was going to play some 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars, and in true Counterfett fashion wanted to use LEGO minifigs to represent the squad. I am going to be playing solo, which shouldn't present too much of a problem, seeing as how the missions can be rolled for. I'll likely roll for threat counters per encounter as well. All that's left after that is creating the narrative. I think I can do that.

Trooper Grizz is a Hard Case. A monster in combat (8/2), he is a hardcase on and off the field, lacking in scruples and social skills. But in a fight, if you can keep him on your side, he'll get the job done. Grizz fights with a slug rifle.
It's possible I got inspiration for this idea from MIK's Minis. Yeah, so I checked his labels and he literally did 3:16 with LEGO minifigs before me. I'm not sure if I saw that (they are pretty old posts) but we'll credit him for inspiration anyway.

Corporal Jes is cool and collected. Tough and efficient (6/4), Jes is second in command, and does her best to keep Dustin and Grizz on task and off each other. Jes fights with a heavy machine gun.
I was planning on making this a Mass Effect inspired campaign, and I won't rule out that I will be doing that at some point down the road. On reflection, however, I realized that since my 'Bjorn' Campaign, most of minifig monday, and much of Painting with Paint is ME related, I didn't want to burn myself out on the franchise. That's sort of what happened with Star Wars a few years back. It just can't be every facet of my day. So I have opted for a more generic approach.

Sergeant Dudley. He may only be a Sergeant now, but he, and his hair, are destined for greatness. He's overconfident, but his skill at getting the job done behind the scenes (5/5) often nets his team victory before the first shot is fired. At least, that's what he puts in the after action reports. Dudley and his hair will go far in this man's army. Maybe even politics? Dudley fights with an E-rifle and sidearm.
While I am in love with the game's mechanics, I'm not as crazy about the Heinlein/Herbert inspired 'hard' sci-fi setting of 3:16 itself, so I figured I would do something a little more Space Opera and generic for my team. These are obviously Mando bodies from the Clone Wars sets, but I have created the characters and armed them in a very open manner. I look forward to seeing where this will take me. I already have some plans for character upgrades if these character survive missions, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.


MIK said...

First of all, thanks for the nod on the LEGO3:16 troopers in my neck of the woods.

Secondly, wow! These figs look great, I love the mando armor to tie them together, and the weapons are great.

3:16 is a really wonderful game and so smartly written, yet so easy to get rolling right away. I'm a big fan of the cynical Heinlein nature, but it does seem flexible to switch over to more angst-free waters, or even go campy with it!

looking forward to you charting this one out!

CounterFett said...

Thanks MIK! Glad you approve.

I always try to be honest about where I get my ideas from. It's quite possible I saw those posts back then, I've definitely been a follower of your blog since then. I'm pretty sure you are the one who got me all hooked on Brickarms & Brickforge in the first place. It's all your fault!

I am thinking of running a poll about where people think I should take this campaign, either Space Opera, Pulp, or whatever. I think other than hard sci-fi, a 'serial' sci-fi might work best, epsecially as games and reports will tend to be episodic.