Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Morning Throwaway: Read At Your Own Peril

Hey all Counterfett here! I know, these posts are usually reserved as a Wednesday 'space filler' type of deal, but since I just got back in, I wanted to sort of make a list that was a little more off the cuff and not a scheduled post from my sickbed. As you might gather, I had the flu and was stuck at home for two days. For long time readers, that gives you some inkling of the severity of how sick I was, as I tend to come in to work when I' am sick. My usual thinking goes something like: "If I'm going to be miserable anyway, I might as well save the time off."
But regardless, I am back. I need to pick up the pace on some things. So here's the skinny on what I've been up to, and what I'm planning.
  • Examiner. Oops, I haven't posted anything for quite a while. I need to get back on the wagon here. The problem is that since Halo 4 came out, and I was so disappointed in it, I have lost a lot of my Halo momentum. It's sad but true. Shouldn't keep me down long, I just need to get back on the rhythym.
  • Psych. I have been watching a lot of this show with my wife while I was sick, which means a bit less hobby and gaming posts until the pipeline gets filled up again.
  • The Arcturus Rangers. On that note, I do have a 3:16 CAtS battle report all drafted, it just needs pictures embedded, so expect to see that.
  • Gaming with LEGO: Bjorn's rise to power has been a pretty successful series, and helps me blow off some steam, so expect a continuation on that.
  • TOYS! KE554 and I are planning a trip to the LEGO store and Toys 'R Us, which ought to help on the toy posting front a bit too.
So that's the story. With any luck, you'll be seeing lots of good stuff over the weekend and into next week. Stay tuned.

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