Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gaming With LEGO: Bjorn Begins

Bjorn Shepard. Spectre. Vanguard. Space Viking
Hey all, Counterfett here! I told you Gaming With LEGO would be getting a little more press around here! I am feeling a little under the weather just now, so rather than putting up a review of a new system, I played a 'comfort food' game of D20 Modern. I simplified it a little bit, since I am using it more as a solo skirmish game than RPG, but it worked alright.

Yes, the undercover agent is Liara in a kimono. What? Look, blue hands!
It was a simple scenario: a level 5 tough hero needs to extract an undercover agent hiding in ruins in the corner of the area, while evading or destroying the mindless attackers. I started him out at a relatively high level as this is intended to be a solo game, and also because Bjorn is an existing character, it would not do for him to die ignobly in his first outing. He would have to get to the agent, hold the objective for two turns to get the agent out, return the agent to the LZ, then hold the LZ for two turns for extraction. Simple right?

The zombies. So Elites are the only thing I really have enough of to use as endless swarms of zombies. Plus, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head, I guess they sort of look like marauders.
I might have made the spawn rate for the Zombies a little too high. I also had them spawn in the middle of the map, so they would be difficult coming and going, even if they couldn't keep up with Bjorn. Ah, the mistakes you make when you get back into solo gaming!

This. Is. My. BOOMSTICK!
Things went fairly smooth on the way in. Bjorn's combat shotgun is fairly good against zombies. Some creative use of terrain also meant he was considerably more mobile than the zombies.

"What are you doing in there for two turns? Putting on makeup?"
Holding the objective for two turns was considerably more difficult. Zombies are nothing if not good at rolling high spawn numbers, and my boy Bjorn was getting swarmed! Plus, my dice rolling has been described kindly as "not clutch." I'm not going to lie, we got to DefCon 1 on the vitality points.

"Forget Sparta! I'm from MINDOIR!"
On the epic chase back to the LZ, which I am sure I photographed, but my camera seems to have lost (!), I ran out of ammo. Rather than actually keep track of ammo, I use the old Star Wars D20 trick of assuming you have ammo until you roll a '1.' Which I managed not to do until the trip home. Needless to say, this made holding the LZ for two turns a bit of an adventure! I had put more into melee ability for Bjorn during character creation than I had thought he needed, but it turns out it was barely enough. He is a Space Viking after all! Level Ups and Feats for everyone!

This was even more fun than it looks like, and I had a better time than I expected. I played an awful lot of D20 back in the day, so it was like getting back on a bike...a little wobbly at first, but picking up speed and confidence rapidly.


Brutorz Bill said...

Does look like fun, I may try something similar whenver I get over this darn flu.

CounterFett said...

There's something deeply satisfying about running a solo game with LEGO characters. Especially if you've sunk as much time and effort into making them as I have.

Of course, to non 'gamers' it just looks like I am rolling around on the floor playing with toys.

I really need a gaming table. It lends legitimacy to the claim that I am 'wargaming.'

paws4thot said...

I tend to avoid favourite characters dying in solo games by use of the "no experience or items so no permadeath, just a lost scenario" argument.

Also, thanks for the review of Battleship, which I now know to not watch because I know enough about naval weapons to know that it will annoy me!

CounterFett said...

Yeah, there are some glaring problems with that movie. It was fun. I have the ability to 'switch off' and go with suspension of disbelief, but overcoming the fact that the main characters were anoying is harder for me than ignoring the anchor thing that other people had trouble with.

I like the idea of just doing no XP or rewards rather than death. Sort of like aborting the mission. Might try something like that.