Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gaming With LEGO: Bjorn Returns

Hey all, CounterFett here. I had big plans for my posting today. I really did. But since I had a hard week at work, and this computer blows (I am switching back to the one we just switched out, because it's quite a bit better, despite its foibles), I felt like I needed to just have a little Bjorn-style catharsis. Since the simplified D20 Modern worked fairly well, I figured I'd just stick with it until that stops.

We got this. There's no way we don't got this.
Last week's scenario taught me a lot about how to run this sort of thing by myself. It also showed me that if I want to keep this fast paced, and have a heroic looking number of enemies, I had to give Bjorn wingmen. So for this installment I partnered him with Garrus and Tali. In the spirit of the game making squaddies about half as effective as Shepard, since he is a level 6 Tough Hero, I made Garrus a level 3 Fast Hero (seemed appropriate for all of the shooting perks), and Tali a level 3 Smart Hero. I set her up with techie and medical skills/perks. That will be important later...

Ok, so this is starting to look like a lot of Zombies.
The objective was even simpler than last week. I just didn't feel up to anything complicated. It was basically a king of the hill situation, with Bjorn & Co. holding the top of the crater (actually the base plate for the old Pirates Prison set from eons ago), against increasingly difficult waves of Zomb-elite-rauders.

Seriously Garrus, is this going to be a thing? I do have Krogan minifigs you know.
It went well for the majority of the game, with Garrus abusing the autofire rules to weaken and thin the hordes in the ramp bottleneck, then Bjorn and Tali stopping the survivors at the top of the ramp with their shotguns. Remember how I said the waves got increasingly difficult though? Some stragglers started forcing their way into the top, and on the last wave, one got a critical hit and took Garrus out of action. Not willing to lose Garrus and have to decide if I wanted to implement paws4thot's idea about no important characters dying, Tali pulls back from the fight to use first aid and stabilize him. Bjorn is left to finish the final wave solo.

Seriously, I need to get Bjorn some Strong hero levels if every scenario is going to come down to hand to hand fighting. Also, I need to cross class Garrus into some Tough levels, since he got downed way too easy. The fast levels gave him the shooting expertise I desired, but we're talking about a guy who survived being hit by an anti-tank missile. Maybe this is ME1 Garrus.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed! I'll try to have something more sophisticated (and my computer troubles resolved) by next time. I also need to start thinking about an alternate naming convention. There's only so many applicable Batman titles. I need to take more pictures too, since I seem to always be one or two short to really illustrate as much as I want to write about each game.


Tomsche said...

Nice work Fett, I really like the whole Lego gaming idea, maybe I might be able to pull of some SW rp'ing with legos one day

CounterFett said...

It is a blast.

According to MIK, it's even better for gaming groups than it is solo.

Obviously, it's lots of fun solo, in my experience.

Brutorz Bill said...

Excellent! More Lego gaming Goodness!

MIK said...

Pushing the envelope with solo play has now really got *me* thinking in that direction. Especially with this last week where real-life kept clashing to nullify not one but two game nights.

CounterFett said...

MIK, that's largely why I do it. It's something like 1 part being selfish and wanting to play what I want to play, and 2 parts that all of my gaming friends in the area have jobs with no set schedules.

So I solo.