Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! Now Get Back To Work!

Hey all, Counterfett here. You cannot imagine how happy I was that I still had the Weekly Update graphic saved here. That really reduces the workload from finding it in the archives! In any event, it's the first work day for me here back at work (and real life), as my glorious adventure and video game filled vacation comes to a close.

Hopefully, this means the blog-o-sphere will be picking back up again as well. It's been a little...dead.

Also, there is a whole new year of fun stuff to plan. This is a bit like New Year's resolutions when I do these, so stay tuned as to whether these will really happen. However, this year I would like to:
  1. Paint more. Not just Painting With Paint, I mean actually paint more models for wargaming. A lot of what I am planning to do in miniatures has been replaced by LEGO minifigs, but I still would like to get back on the wagon.
  2. Gaming with LEGO. More is going on in the Gaming With LEGO department than it looks like, I have just been negligent in posting it. I have several skirmish game systems I am working on learning that the minifigs work well for, and I am planning on posting some of that.
  3. Free Wargame Sunday (or Saturday or whatever). I tried this out, and it did not seem to fly that well the first time, but I'm going to give it one more shot. I really do intend to get that Firezone review I promised forever ago out the door. Hopefully I will have that published by this weekend.
  4. The Articulated Monster. We are moving the show back to a biweekly recording schedule, so that should actually help with getting some other projects done. Hopefully that will also make the show feel like less of a chore again. I've had a hard time the last few episodes.
  5. Video Games. Let's be honest, if I am making a list of what I plan to do this year and don't include lots of video games, I would be lying. I don't know what the next big game project for me will be, but I'm sure it's out there. Mass Effect continues to be a big part of my week, and likely will for the forseable future.
I'm not sure what else I will have going on, but those are the goals that seem attainable. Let me know what you would like to see more of on the blog, and I will attempt it. Hope you have a good week, and a similar year!


MIK said...

Looking forward to 2013 here at All Things Fett, your 'resolutions' look solid.

Just imagine how many more figs you and I could get painted if we just put down that controller...

CounterFett said...

Yeah. It was never this bad until the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Though right now I am working on getting my very first character through the whole trilogy.

I think I am at 8+ workweeks in terms of how much time I have spent on ME3 multi. Might have to do something about that...