Thursday, January 3, 2013

Internet Shopping: Great Ideas After The Order Arrives

Yes, the facepalm is strong with this one.
 Seriously, if I ever want to have a really cool idea about a project I want to do, all I need is to make an order from a store on the internet, as I am certain to have a great idea within a week of everything arriving. This time was no different. Less than a week after the big decal and accessories order that my wife and I made, I have the coolest idea for a custom LEGO minifig I want to make. Hopefully I remember this until the next time we make an order. Honestly, that won't be all that long, I'm sure.

Still, it's amazing how annoyed I can get with myself over this kind of thing. What I want to do is order some decals to make an Asari (because I don't have plenty of those!) but ask to have the guy change the color from medium blue with white to sand green with black, and then make Shiala! Of course, this would work for Post ME2 Shiala, but also for ME1 Thorian Clones of Shiala. Fun times!

This would have been super easy to work into the order we just made, if I had thought of it a little sooner. But, like I said, I am sure there is another order forthcoming, so hopefully I can remember. Now that I have 'written it down,' so to speak, I think I can manage that.

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