Monday, January 14, 2013

Minifig Monday: Human Squaddies

Hey all, CounterFett here, with another Minifig Monday! I pushed back the other Commander Shepard post, because I kind of felt like posting these two. In the original Mass Effect, Kaiden and Ashley are pretty legit squad mates. Neither of them join you in ME2, and only one is back in ME3. But in the first game, they are the starting lineup. 

If you want to see me in a tin foil miniskirt and thigh high boots you'll have to buy me dinner...first...sir.
Ashley is the only soldier you can get, and as such is a good place to dump all of your second-best guns. Unlike the other squaddies, she's proficient with all of them. If you plan on bringing her along, you can also give her the first aid skill, which makes someone else in the squad capable of using the medi gel, which is pretty darn handy.

I gave Kaiden the regular old fashioned LEGO face. Because, well, it's the best one for him.
Kaiden is a Sentinel, which in ME1 means you don't need to worry about spending much on his guns at all. He has no weapons training at all! He can use a pistol decently, but his real strength lies in being a powers mule. Need someone to have high decryption or electronics? Kaiden's your boy. Want a good selection of tech & biotic attacks. Kaiden's your boy. Want someone to shamelessly hit on your female character at the most inappropriate moments? Sad to say, Kaiden is still your boy.


Gotthammer said...

Hilarity at Kaidan's face :D

I tended to max Kaidan's tech skills before his biotics, but even then at the end he and Liara were basically god mode with lifting and stasising everyone in sight.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, about the same here. Decrypt and Electronics is so nice to have maxed out early, he gets you such good stuff.

On my recent playthrough, I freaked out when I saw Liara's singularity again. I was used to the puny ME2 & 3 version, and forgot how spectacular it could be in the first game. THere were desk & file cabinets flipping around and smashing people. O.P.