Monday, January 21, 2013

Minifig Monday - So Many Commander Shepards (2)

Hey all, Counterfett here! Welcome back to the workweek! I was honestly hoping it would never come and that I could live in some magical weekend limbo forever, but I guess that's not really how time works. Anyway, as some of you likely guessed in the nomenclature from a few weeks ago, there were more Commander Shepard minifigs to be had. This time it is the ladies' turn.

This is Lady Death. Yeah, I get real creative on the names sometimes. Despite her face not importing right, she remains my secondary character at this point (after Bjorn, who is still in ME2, and not counting SHep, of course, who is borrowed). She's a Spacer/Sole Survivor Soldier. I managed to get through all three games with her without changing her class, which might be a first. Her armor is a bit anachronistic, as I wanted to put her in the heavy Mantis armor, but I didn't have enough green bodies remaining, but a plethora of blues with which to build her. So, as far as I know, this armor look doesn't come in blue, but it still looks cool. I gave her the happier of the two female heads I had at the time, because my other character...

Ada. Earthborn/War Hero Infiltrator. She unfortunately falls into the niche of being 'girl Bjorn.' By this I mean that she is my borderline Renegade female character, but manages not to pull it off as well as the surly Space Viking. Nevertheless, she is handy with a sniper rifle, can wear medium armor, and has that most important of survival skills...electronics. Seriously, she has the strongest shields of any character I have played. Find armor with two accessory slots, put shield modulators in both, max out electronics, and you have shields for days. She is supposed to be in scorpion medium armor, but SaberScorpion's site has the option to order the camo armors broken. Not sure if they are really available. I might email him before my next order so Ada can get the right look. If so, I will probably pawn this armor off on some random soldier or Asari Commando.

Anyway, this was a bit more long-winded than I intended, but you know me; I always have a lot to say about my minifigs.

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