Monday, January 28, 2013

Minifig Monday: We Are All Geth

Yeah, so another minifig monday, another foray into Mass Effect Madness. At least this time it's not my madness, but KE554's. For the most part anyway.

She really likes the Geth minifigs. This is less than half of what she has built. The others are multiplayer decal sets in colors like the hunters and pyros, however. I sort of like these anonymous trooper builds.

But this one is mine. It was my idea, I found the pieces, and it's built off my lanky minifig. Mwaahaha! I figured with the army of Geth we were amassing, we needed something to stand in for a prime. So I used the new Brick Warriors parts, along with the Toy Story tall figure body (not woody, whatever the girl's name is). KE554 did the painting. Looks pretty good, right?

Here's a scale shot for comparison. The Prime looks pretty impressive, right?

1 comment:

BrickWarriors said...

Those look great! Nice painting on the BrickWarriors parts :)