Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting With Paint - Dat Green Girl

Ok, so we all know that Asari are cool. I even made a (sometimes alarmingly) large number of posts about how swell blue girls are. Well, green girls are fun too.

Oh, Asari Clone, you are such an annoying enemy. Why can't we be friends?
I am referring of course to Shiala. See in the first game, on Feros, there's this plant monster called the Thorian, which has a fairly annoying ability to mind control humans and humanoid aliens. It cocoons Shiala, an indoctrinated Asari Commando ally of Saren's, and starts making annoying biotic mid boss clones of her. They have green skin, and are one of the toughest enemies in the game (for me anyway) until you run into Saren himself. When you kill the Thorian, you release Shiala, who is a regular blue Asari (for the moment).

Oh, and she wears Liara's duds from the first game. She knows what Shepard likes...
Fast forward to ME2, and you run into Shiala again, if you chose to spare her in the first encounter. She's still making karmic reparations by helping the Feros colonists, and you again have the choice of whether to help her out or not. But the thing is...she's green again, due to illness brought on by leftover Thorian juju. I don't know what inspired Bioware to make her actually green, instead of just the clones, but it's a nice look for her. She also hits on you if you are a Paragon character.

Sadly, this picture from the War Assets is Shiala's only appearance in ME3. Fingers crossed for the DLC?
Fast forward again, and if you helped her both times, and saved enough of the colonists (instead of killing them), she leads them into battle against the Reapers. There's a pretty nice letter from her explaining how they are so effective and how much it meant to her that you helped her out so much.

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