Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Painting With Paint - Dat One Eyed Girl

Hey all, Counterfett here with another installment of my wildly erratic series. Seriously, the stats on these are some of my best and worst posts. I'll try not to read anything insulting to myself about that and just believe it's based on the fact that my readers have varied interests and are not all into the same things as me.

Ellie in DS2, Patch and all. And holy crap! I swear I never noticed how stacked Ellie was until I brushed this!
Anyway, it's no secret I am a big Dead Space fan (much to my wife's chagrin, she says it's not KE554-Rated). With Dead Space 3 looming around the corner, I have gone back through Dead Space 2, downloaded the DS3 demo, and in general watched a lot of trailers and whatnot. I have re-discovered a couple of things.
  1. I am terrible at Dead Space.
  2. Ellie Langford is awesome.
  3. I really can't wait to play Dead Space 3.
So, I figured this installment of Painting with Paint would reflect this.

A little back story here: In DS1, after escaping, Isaac sits in the pilot seat, takes off his helmet, takes a deep breath, looks to his right, and a necromorph/hallucination jumps out at him. The screen flashes black and cuts to credits. In a charming throwback to this, at the end of DS2, he sits down in the co-pilot seat, breaths in, holds it, looks like he remembers something, turns right, and exhales as Ellie is shown piloting the ship. She turns to him, smiles, and asks "What?"

Ellie in the DS3 Reveal Trailer. Easily identifiable as the same character, her face shape and fundamentals remain unchanged, but she looks older, and has updated graphics and character modeling. I made an error on her neck, and I'll thank you to ignore it.
Judging from the trailers, and perhaps not surprisingly, Ellie plays a big role in DS3. She seems to have gotten a replacement eye. While practical for a pilot who would surely need depth perception, I find this kind of disappointing. She looked adorable with an eye patch. Also, they cut her pigtails (impractical in an environment with both machinery and zombies). They made her look older too, which is good, because she honestly made Isaac look like a perv in DS2 with how young she looked.

Pink is the new black. Ellie in her version of the DS3 Arctic Survival Suit. What's she running from I wonder?
It looks like they hold to her pattern of having similar work suits to Isaac, just curvier and pink. Kinda funny with how tough she is that her space suits are always pink, but I guess that's how you tell she's a girl in space. Makes space bars kinda confusing places, otherwise. Now, though, I wish she could get a pink N7 suit. That would be rad.

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