Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paper Miniatures: M29 Grizzly & M35 Mako

Hey all, Counterfett here! Aside from the Reaper which I accidentally posted for about a half an hour last night (which I am not going to post since it is someone else's artwork!), I also finished my Grizzly and Mako tanks. Technically, these are classed as Infantry Fighting Vehicles, though due to the class of weaponry and shields each packs (as well as the fact that the Systems Alliance does not seem to actually have any Main Battle Tanks), I tend to think of them as tanks rather than IFVs.
Here is the M29 Grizzly. James Vega loves this tank. This one came on the white background. This is the Bioware promotional image, so I don't feel bad about posting this hack job of it.

And here's the M35 Mako. I have a love/hate relationship with this bad boy. I love the cannon and wonky physics, but anyone who's accidentally driven one of these off of Peak 15 on Noveria knows what I mean when I say I also hate it. This one came from a black background, and I didn't really clean it up, since I planned on using it so small, so you might have trouble in larger sizes.

I printed these from Windows Photo Viewer, at the size where there are nine copies on one page, and unchecked 'fit picture to frame.' That's about the size I wanted. To print at different ratios just mess with the settings until you're happy with the print scale.

Since the Reaper I am using is from a piece of Fan Art, and not promotional images, I won't post that one.

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