Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paper Minis For Wargaming

So with some fun and easy tank rules I found the other day, I was thinking of having myself a nice little tank battle this weekend!

Unfortunately, I don't really have the minis to back that up. So I fell back on my old standby of making toys from paper. My original plan was to make 3d folded versions of World War 1 tanks, as are called for in the game I am using. Now that I have seen how much work that would be to do, I think I am actually going to do something Mass Effecty (don't worry, I'm not going to make a series out of this one!). Instead of folded 3d models, I am going to make the old fashioned cardstock cutouts with bases at the bottom.

Is this out of laziness. Well, admittedly, yes a little bit. What is a bigger part however, is my recent move to get back to basics with my gaming. This is not (wholly) a result of my not-on-purpose Games Workshop boycott, but rather that lately I have been more interested in retro and simpler games.

The chosen rules call for a heavy tank (I was thinking of using the old M29 Grizzly, above), a light tank (M35 Mako), a field gun (the heavy turrets from ME1) and infantry. For an enemy force I was thinking about using a Geth Collossus, armature, and turret. Though I might go for comedy value and have the heavy tank be a Reaper.

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