Thursday, January 10, 2013

POLL: Carnage Amongst The Stars

For some reason I can't add images from here, so pic reuse for the win!
Hey all, Counterfett here. As nearly a few of you must know, I am planning a 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars campaign using LEGO people as miniatures. I am going to post weekly or twice a week battle reports (depending on how often I play, and how popular they are), but I was wondering what style of game people were interested in seeing.

Mostly this will affect how I write the reports that I post, as the game itself, after picking it apart and looking at it from the inside, so to speak, is remarkably setting neutral. Plus, since I am playing this solo, and will be making all the 'dakka dakka' or 'pew pew' noises by myself, there will be no one the wiser as to how I am actually playing. I'll list the alternatives, and what I mean by each, below.

  • Space Opera. Think Star Wars-y. The missions are not random forays to wipe out unaffiliated critters, but an overarching goal is being worked to. All the critters are affiliated, with the big bad villain the team will fight at the culmination of the plot. This was my original plan, but the problem with this archetype, of course, is that there has to be a 'main villain,' an 'ending', and the stories must all be tied in together somehow.
  • Pulp. Or maybe I should call it four-color. Whatever. This could be Weird War Space, or Victorian Sci-Fi, or just space men versus space apes. I tried to make this category less nebulous, but it could really wind up as anything, which is sort of the problem and beauty of pulp. This is the setting where you could find yourself fighting spacenazis one day and sharks with lasers on their heads the next.
  • Serial. This is almost like a style of pulp, but I list it distinctly because it would be a different narratvie and posting style from the above. I might also be more specific and call this 'classic cinema' sci fi. Think rocket ships, ray guns, death beams, martians, venusians. Also, there would not be a overarching storyline, each 'episode' would be self contained and capsular. While this isn't usually my cup of tea, the writing challenges inherent in this type of thing are somewhat appealing.
  • Hard. This is sort of the 'default' setting for Carnage Amongst The Stars. Heinlein, Herbert. In the cold of space no one can hear you scream or curb stomp a bug. Alien, Aliens, Predator, The Thing. Dead Space. This is the category I might be the least comfortable with, even if my very favorite movie is listed in this section.
  • Noir. This might be considered the love child of Serial and Hard sci fi. I am hard pressed to come up with examples other than Blade Runner, but I know they must be out there. If Frank Miller did sci-fi it would fall here. Maybe 'The Dark Knight Returns' is a good example. Episodic, Dark, and Hard Hitting.
I'm pretty sure I am up for the writing challenge of the first three, which is why I listed them first. Hard Sci-Fi and Noir might be stretching it, but I'm game to try if you all will bear with me as I feel my way through. Anyway, give the poll at the top a vote, or leave a comment with your opinion. If there is something I have left out, let me know, and I will give it some thought.


Gotthammer said...

I like the sound of Pulp or Serial the most, personally.

MIK said...

Tough call, I ultimately went with noir since that sounds like it'll make for really cool reading posts.

Donogh McCarthy said...

It's a toughie - but since you asked Hard or Noir would be my favourites!