Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pre-Order Critique: Hobbitses And Things

Hey all, Counterfett here. I don't know if I really mentioned it in an earlier post, but I mangled my toe pretty badly, and it got all infected. So, after a quick 5 hour visit to the Doctor, I got me some heavy antibiotics. Does this mean I could beat Jack in a fistfight?

Anyway, one of the side effects of of said heavy antibiotic regimen is that I am drowsy all of the time. It's affecting my schedule and likely the quality of my work. As such, it's probably time to get on my soapbox and whine about everyone's favorite pinata's new releases!

The Hobbit! Seriously, these managed to fly completely under the radar on games sites, which is actually sort of a shame this time, as this wave has things I actually like. There are some duds, of course, but there's something truly special here if you're willing to see it!
  • Yazneg. Foot and Mounted. I hate that I need to type that. Why would I want to be forced to buy two of the same character. I can only have one of him on the field at a time, so I'm spending essentially twice as much as I need to. Privateer pioneered this scam, but at least their game has the 'Dragoon' rule where some figures use their mount as a wound, essentially. It's a shame this guy is so spendy, because his sword looks wicked. His whol jacket with bare chest is a little 'Devil May Cry' for my taste though. 
  • Elrond. See Yazneg. Seriously, there have been a lot of Elrond releases, and this is the one where he comes Foot and Mounted.
  • Radagast the Brown. Well, at least he's not Mounted. I know he wasn't in the books I read much, but I always pictured Radagast a little more regal. I mean, I get that his powers are nature-y, but so are the elves, and they don't look so...folksy. I doubt I'd ever need him in a game, but if I ever need an itinerant rural hobo figure...I guess I'd find one that costs less. A lot less.
  • Goblin King Throwing Goblin. God I had hoped I'd never need to type that combination of words like this. The Chaos Daemon player in me says he would make a decent Great Unclean One without a lot of work. and he's reasonably priced, all things considered. This one is less ridiculous than I thought at first blush, simply because I can't bring myself to knock something so Nurgle-y.
  • Knights of Rivendale. These are decent, if uninspired. I guess GW is limited to how things appeared in the movie, so this is hardly their fault. The price is, marginal, breaking down to about $8.50 a fig. Not bad for decent sculpts of mounted figs. Especially for all unique poses. Not bad GW, not bad at all.
  • Grim Hammers. If there are two words in this whole post that make me happy, Grim Hammers are them. Games Workshop knows how to make some angry armored dwarves. 12 unique poses, reasonable price, good sculpts, big hammers! Seriously, if you need some generic armored dwarves, please buy these! If only to encourage GW to focus on this quality of work. These are the darlings of the wave, and why I think it's a shame that most collectors are completely overlooking this line!

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