Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pre-Order Critique: Mantic Zombie Apokalypse

Hey all, Counterfett here. You're all well aware that I love me some Mantic, but how do their new plague marine analogues stack up? Well, in today's Pre-Order Preview, let's have a look!

Mortis. I'm glad they named him something that is so dissimilar to Mortarion. Because they're such totally different dudes, you know? Actually, despite my jest, Mortis is really more of a Typhus analogue. Hmm, I guess those names seem pretty similar too. Whatever. It's a pretty neat model, and makes for a good stand in for Typhus for those looking for something a little different. At about half the price of Typhus, he's not quite as detailed but about as massive. I guess you get what you pay for. He's a decent model, and looks like he might take converting pretty well.

Zombie Marines. I approve up front that Mantic labels this as a 'Veteran Conversion Project.' They give you all the parts, but it's up to you to turn them into something cool. Now, given what I know of Mantic, these guys might end up being a little under scale for 40k. Then again, they are supposed to be dessicated corpses, so maybe that's spot on. These look like they are made of zombie bits and corporation marine parts, but I might be mistaken. Looks like a fun project, but since I have difficulty with 'snap together' model kits, I will be staying well away from this one.


paws4thot said...

Ok, is only me that's thinking "armoured Cthulhoid monster"?

CounterFett said...

Nope, that's one of the things I like about it.

Really it's generic enough to be used for lots of different things. I rather like it. Even if it is supposed to be a Typhus rip off, it ends up being more versatile than the original.