Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pre-Order Critique: Warriors Of Chaos

Hey all, Counterfett here with another pre-order critique. Games Workshop has been pretty good to us lately with the  spate of new releases schedules, so I will take it easy on them this time. It should be easy, as I am typically biased in favor of chaos-ey stuff. That said my primary interest in anything from Fantasy is how well it makes conversion figures for 40k or other pursuits, so that will weigh on how useful I think any of this is.
  • Slaughterbrute/Mutalith Vortex Beast. This is a huge model, and costly. Not a cost effective source of bits. That said, it is kind of a neat model. The Mutalith build leaves me kind of bleh though. Why is it that so much of chaos mutation means tentacles. That's nice once in a while because things with tentacles are usually kind of scary, but doesn't 'chaotic' mean unpredictable? GW uses tentacles too much. These aren't the Warriors of Predictability.
  • Dragon Ogres. Not much going on here. It's nice they converted these to plastic. On the plus side, a cross between a dragon and an ogre is pretty chaotic. Also, they don't have tentacles.
  • Chaos Chariot. I like the potential of this one. I don't have the new Chaos Marine book, so I'm not sure what I would want to make this, but I feel like this would make a great mounted Lord model. Maybe something in the Chaos a mounted Herald.
  • Forsaken. Ahhhh, this is where it's at. These guys could almost just be given bolters and called Chaos Marines. Depending on their size, they look perfect. They've got the right look, seem tough as nails, have some gratuitous mutate-y parts, lots of armor, and the hallmark bald marine head. Kind of spendy though at $50. I reckon you would be set for quite a bit on conversion parts for other projects on a Chaos Army build from this box though, so might be worth it.
  • Chaos Lord. I like this, so I'll try to be nice. He looks rad. This guy is built to cater to my every desire for a Khorne Lord. That said, this follows the trend of costly single plastic models that are mono-pose and have zero loadout options. If I'm wrong about this, I will be surprised.
  • Throgg. $60. Finecast. Looks like he'd be a pain to convert to anything useful. 'Nuff said.
  • Vilitch The Curseling. See Throgg. Also, he reminds me too much of the four-armed guy from Mortal Kombat.
There you have it folks. Now, remember, I did say I'd take it easy on them, but I didn't say I'd give them a free hand.

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