Monday, January 7, 2013

Solo Wargaming: The Quest Continues

I am still on the lookout for that Holy Grail of lonely nerd leisure, the perfect solo game. Ideally, it would be part miniature game, part skirmish game, part RPG, be simple enough to play on the fly, complex enough to hold my interest, have minimal record keeping, and have character development to make repeat play rewarding. In short, I want the impossible.

I have tried a few different systems to come up with something myself, and the results have been...mixed. I have tried some free things from other people's blogs, and while many of these were phenomenal, they just turned out to not be what I was looking for. In some instances, I think the problem is in the chair, not in the book, as with Solo Nexus' 9Qs. I just don't understand.

On the other hand, through buying, borrowing, and downright thievery, I have come upon a few not-so-free systems that I need to try out. Some of these look quite promising. Here's hoping.

Anyway, this is just a brief post to break up what has turned out to be a LEGO posting marathon. Seriously, I had a pretty big gaming weekend, and I would love to post about it, but it is all LEGO stuff, and this is Minifig Monday already, so you can expect that post later. Maybe I will just declare this LEGO week and do nothing but LEGO?

I don't know.


WQRobb said...

Have you looked at any of the Two Hour Wargames options? They are good for solo play, feature character development, and have a variety of genres available.

CounterFett said...

5150 Star Army is the one I am looking at the hardest.

It was down to that or 3:16 Carnage Among The Stars.

I actually have 3:16, and was waiting to try it out. If that doesn't work out, I am probably going to spring for 5150.