Friday, January 25, 2013

State Of The Blog Address / Monthly Cry For Help

The conclusion of Shep's Adventures has left a scheduling gap that I'm having trouble filling.
Hey folks Counterfett here. I've been at sort of a loss the last week or so with what to do for posts on the last half of the week, or the days between Tuesday and Saturday. Largely because of the ending of some regular features, it just means more open slots need to be filled for what is honestly a diminishing amount of creative output.

Painting With Paint remains a fairly big draw, as long as I'm painting girls, anyway.
I'm sick again/still, which sure doesn't help any.

The Gaming With Lego/Bjorn Campaign has been a big hit.
I had hoped that gaming reports would fill a bit of the gap, since I am thinking more about gaming and crafting gaming materials, but that really only seems to account for weekend posting. I used to be able to post about whatever toys I was buying to fill the gaps, but some tough fiscal times have dramatically decreased the amount of toy collecting I have been doing. Now, don't take this as a whiny 'poor me' most. Far from it, I am, as usual, super grateful for the terrific friends I have who take time to read my tripe.

3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars is proving reasonably popular, though I don't know if it's enough to justify how much work it is.
I do have some regular features that take the load off of thinking up posts every single day from scratch; Painting with Paint has been a big success over the whole length it has been running. Gaming With Lego in general, and the Bjorn series in particular have ben a hit recently. Carnage Among the Stars has been reasonably successful, though the amount of work I put into that seems like a diminishing return type of situation. Minifig Monday is likely the least successful of my weekly features, though it started off pretty strong. I'll likely keep it anyway, since it is a pretty easy post to schedule in advance for making the start of the week easier.
Minifig Monday, while once the blog powerhouse, has tapered off a bit of late. Still probably going to keep it, it's just such an easy post for a Monday.
In any event, I don't know, I guess I'm kind of fishing for ideas. What all do you like to see here. I have realized I'm not a great jusge of what types of things are going to be successful in my writing here (as witnessed by the weirdest things appearing in the 'Most Popular Posts' bar to the right side!), and want some input from my loyal readership.

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