Sunday, January 20, 2013


Yeah, so I am a big history buff. But never being the one to take the  easy way and be interested in the big German tanks, or the super common American tanks, or even the perfectly respectable British tanks, I am mostly interested in the weird, early war, continental European armor. The Char B1s is a great example of a tank I think is awesome. The fact that the French lost so decisively in the land war against the Germans was certainly their own fault, but they sure did it in stylish tanks!

Likewise with the weird Polish tankettes. They are just nifty looking. While laughable as armored fighting vehicles, they mostly worked fine for reconnaissance (which is what they were built for). The Polish tankettes in particular get a bad rap because they went up against German panzers early in the war. That went about as well as you might expect. But then again, the British in Africa only did so well against the Germans, and they had much better tanks. Plus, not to beat a dead horse, but the French certainly lost every bit as badly as the Poles, but had arguable better tanks at the time than the Germans did!

So, in short, it wasn't the Tankettes fault. The beginning of the 21st century sees something of a rebirth for the tankette idea, as many people realize that there is less call for a Main Battle Tank. Things like the Stryker can be seen as an armored car or tankette, and while not as 'cute' as either of those quaint relics of the early 20th century, fill the same roles, with the same strengths and same weaknesses.

Anyway, this was sort of a long-winded way of saying that I have been going through a lot of miniature manufacturers lately to see what sort of fun 15mm tankettes and armored cars they have that I might use to go alongside my forthcoming 15mm Quar miniatures. I like the above Polish TKS tankettes, as they look neat, but are obscure enough that not everyone will be calling me out about it.

Check them out here...


Tomsche said...

Your missing the italian L3-35 flamethrower version, the little one with the fueltank strapped behind the tankette on a small carriage, rubber fuel tubes running over the back off the tankette and... over the motorblock.

CounterFett said...

If I can find some minis of those, I'm down.

paws4thot said...

Prior to El Alamein, the British vs Axis desert war looks a lot like "who is further from their supply ports loses".

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I only used the Brits as an example because it goes to show that everyone was losing to the Germans at the time.

The Poles didn't have a corner on the market, and it certainly wasn't all the tankettes fault.