Friday, January 11, 2013

The Concluded Adventures Of Shep Shepard

Homeward Bound. I had an idea of an epic shot of the sword fleet coming through the relay, but because of how dark the ships and background were, and how bright the relay is, I couldn't make it work on this rig. Pity.
Yes folks, all good thing must come to an end. Likewise, our journey with Shep has reached its destination...Earth. Like Vega, I was not sure what I would feel when I got here. It's been a pretty fun project, and a lot of work. I have gone through four computers, six graphical programs, and heavens only knows how many settings tweaks in the span of this series. I'm pretty much going to just shut up and post the last of the stuff. For the nine people left on Earth who don't know how Mass Effect 3 ends, I am going to ruin it here. Stop reading.

That's not the light at the end of the tunnel! That's Harbinger!
Shep and Co. do London. The place has seen better days. On the push to the beam I decide to finish like I started, and take Garrus and Liara. Liara's scene courtesy of the extended cut is heartbreaking. I couldn't bring myself to capture it. Because I did pretty much everything Paragon (except for some random ignitions and defenestrations in ME2) we are able to run through all of the good guy dialogue options once we pass through the beam. If you know what I mean.

Hey, uh...whatcha doing with that magic pistol Shep?
Sadly, I realized that no matter what armor you are wearing when you start the final run to the beam and destiny, that after Shep's brush with incandescence, you pretty much look the same. Also, despite coming close enough to a giant laser to melt ceramic armor plating, Shep has not a hair out of place. Ah the things you notice when you edit images!

After a civil discussion with the Star Child, where I mightily refrained from shooting it (don't do that, it gives you the refuse ending. I found that out the hard way after the Leviathan DLC), we are presented with some options. We can melt ourselves in another giant beam making everything biotech. We can melt ourselves on some bike handles to take over the Reapers with mind bullets. Mind Bullets! Lastly, we can shoot some cables and kill all the Reapers. Oh, and the Geth and Edi.

Well, since door number one and door number two sound like wins for the Reapers, we'll take door number three, Johnny. Sorry Joker.

Epilogue: We Live.


Gotthammer said...

Much like Mass Effect itself, I'm sad to see this series end, but have very much enjoyed the ride :)

And great point about Shep's hair too, it survives freaking everything!

CounterFett said...

Thanks for the kind words! And for letting me do this, it has been a blast!

I wish I had been able to do this a bit more justice at the finale, but the art direction for the end of the game is so dark, I had so little usable material.

I took more screen caps for time played in this section than any of the others, and still had less material to work with. I might revisit this in Painting With Paint at some point, once I switch gear (again).

Gotthammer said...

Yeah, I can see how the lighting could be an issue at the end there.
I'm sure you'll be back when the last DLC drops I'm sure ;)

CounterFett said...

Oooh. Good point, I never thought of that. And here I thought I was so clever with breaking the rules on my naming convention for the title.