Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review: Asunder

Hey all, Counterfett here on this very special Tuesday with something I have done too little of of late...the All Things Fett Book Review. It's release day for Dead Space 3, and I got my copy, so likely there will not be much reading going on in the near future.

In any event: Asunder is the third book in the Dragon Age novel series, and deals with a totally different cast of characters (well mostly) and events of the previous two books. That said, it does a nice job on its own merits, and is worth a lok for fans of the franchise or those who enjoy a slightly off the wall fantasy read.

  • New Cast Of Characters. I liked the folks from the first two books, but their story was more or less played out, so it's good to see some new blood. Oh, except for a small appearance by Fiona. I think all books should have her. That all of the characters were reasonably interesting and well developed only helps.
  • Interesting roles. From a female templar with a conscience to posessed mages to magically animated statues, some fantasy and Dragon Age tropes are stretched, while others are abandoned entirely. It's fairly refreshing.
  • Happy ending. I'll try not to spoil too much, but considering the setting and genre, things turn out pretty well. After the tone and finales of the previous two books, which could only be described as melancholy, this one is downright festive.
  • Confusing. I feel like I use this too much, it makes me seem like a simpleton sometimes, but when a book has so many plot twists, the reader starts to wish that sometimes something just is what it seems.
  • The Doomed. As this is the third novel in the series, I feel comfortable saying that the 'doomed romance' angle gets played a little too much. Considering point three from the 'Pros' makes this one less tedious than in the previous titles. Still.
I really enjoyed Asunder, which I had put off reading since it seemed unrelated to the first two, so there was a disconnect for me after I finished those. Still, even though it is only tangentially related to the events of The Stolen Throne and The Calling, it's quite worthwhile alone.

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