Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gaming With LEGO: Bjorn Rises

Also titled, the one where Bjorn gets his butt kicked.

It started out as a fairly simple mission: get the objective package, get back to the LZ, and blast some Geth. All did not go as planned. For the Geth stats, I used the security bots, with the APE robot as the Prime (from the D20 Future book). I might have over-compensated.

From the very beginning, the team is pinned down. Bjorn and co. didn't even get out of the dropoff zone.

Some very unlucky rolling, and Garrus is downed again. Not bleeding out, which is lucky, since I forgot that without Tali along, our team has no medic!

Another unlucky turn, and Zaeed is down for the count as well. Not seeing any alternatives, Bjorn hunkers down and calls Cortez for extraction!

Amazingly, I took enough pics for everything I wanted to say in this installment. It was a really short game, only 4 or 5 turns. After how well both missions with the husks/zombies went, I was sort of overconfident, and sort of put Bjorn in a bad spot. Anticipating I might have the need, I had already come up with an out (inspired by Paws4Thot) of having a shuttle swoop in and save the day, rather than my heroes be annihilated.

Until next time. Oh, and if you have a good idea for a naming convention now that I am out of Batman movie titles, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Bjorn Identity
Bjorn Supremacy
Bjorn Ultimatum
Bjorn Legacy
Bjorn Betrayal
Bjorn Sanction
Bjorn Deception
Bjorn Objective
Bjorn Dominion
Bjorn Imperative

CounterFett said...


Really, thanks. Not only is that wickedly clever, but since there are so many, that will keep me for quite a while before I have to think of something else.

paws4thot said...

Firstly, thanks for the name check.

Secondly, when and if you run out of Bjorn titles, or even if you just want alternatives, lots of Science Fiction conventions use words that start or end "con"