Thursday, February 28, 2013

Painting With Paint: Dat Queen Of Blades

I am the Swarm...
Hey all, Counterfett here. Some of you may remember that I gave (human) Sarah kerrigan the PWP treatment a few months back, using stills from 'Wings of Liberty' flashback scenes and the early 'Heart of the Swarm' trailers. Well, better trailers are out, and I decided to do the tragic ghost's less...sympathetic side. Some of these can be (greatly!) enlarged, while some, due to the ratio and how blogger formats pictures, are about actual size, check 'em out.

Armies will be shattered...
The Queen of Blades is the flip side of the Sarah Kerrigan coin. While Sarah regrets a lot of her choices, but stands behind them as being necessary, the Queen revels in the destruction and slaughter she spreads.

Worlds will burn...
Sarah is a skilled martial artist and focused assassin, also a gifted telepath. The Queen is a formidable physical and psychic foe. A force of nature even without the swarm to back her.

Vengeance shall be mine!
But then, she also has the swarm to back her.

Don't worry, PWP fans, the promised Dragon Age extravaganza will be resumed next week. I am thinking of doing Leliana and Anora, but it is still not too late to field requests, if you have any DA:O or DA:OA characters you would like me to do.

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