Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Painting With Paint - Dat Witch And Dat Wizard

Hey all, Counterfett here. I have a series of quasi related confessions to make as regard the game Dragon Age Origins. I played it, long ago in the heady days of (how long ago was it again?) 2009. I was living in my old apartment on the third floor, using a third hand computer with no graphics card and 'borrowed' internet. The resolution I was able to run the then new game on that setup, was, lets say...below recommended performance specs. So, some of my impressions that have carried over from those days may not be something you agree with. I blame the graphics card, honestly.

This is the only capture I was able to take that didn't make her look too trampy. Of course, this is when she is describing how she will eat the young Templar Carroll after mating with him. She does, I suppose, have her moments.
Morrigan. I never liked Morrigan. She seems skeazy, and she doesn't get along with Alistair, who I like, or Leliana, who I really like. I've never romanced her. I made Loghain kill the Archdemon rather than perform her ritual. Seriously. Sleeping with her might give you scale itch.

Ah Wynne. Aside from her tendency to scold me about having impure thoughts about a certain Chantry Lay-Sister, she's all right in my book. I mean seriously, Wynne, her title was 'Lay-Sister.' What do you want from me?
Wynne. This is where it starts getting funny. See, that crummy computer with the absent graphics card missed some of the textures on Wynne, so I never realized just how old she was supposed to be. I never realized why the grumpy black haired mage was a romance option but not the nice white haired one. This was around the same time I was playing a lot of Soul Calibur, (think Ivy, right, white hair?). Wynne is a pretty cool character, and does, I suppose, possess a sort of full figured comeliness. Mostly, I guess I'm just glad I had a mage to use in the party that didn't disapprove every time I helped someone.

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