Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Painting With Paint - I Don't Like John Carver

Carver, he's a lot like Bjorn, but less awesome. I didn't use the soft filter here, as usual, because if there was ever a dude who needed his hard edges, it's Carver.
Actually, I only don't like him at the beginning of Dead Space 3. I seriously didn't get him. If they were planning on a coop guy for DS3, why didn't they just have Gabe Weller survive the Severed DLC? He is a way more sympathetic character than Carver. Heck, I would have preferred Ellie as a coop partner! Actually, that might have been pretty cool.

This is the part where Isaac drops the F-bomb a lot. One of the more satisfying parts of the game, in my opinion.
But around this point, I started liking Carver a bit. There are two good quotes, when he is trying to prevent Isaac from cracking, (hopefullynot giving away too much, but those of you who've played it will know...) "You tell her the truth, man..." and "Come on, he won't stay dead forever. Not around here."

Video Game Gold. I tell ya.

Next week, it's back to Bioware, but I think I will be back to Bioware, but not Mass Effect. I've been kind of wanting to visit Dragon Age: Origins. Anora, Morrigan, Leliana, or however you spell her name. Stay tuned.

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