Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Painting With Paint - My Main Man Isaac

This could also be called "The Many Faces Of Isaac Clarke" or "The Man Who Aged Backwards."

I am pretty deep in the throes of Dead Space 3 addiction. It's really that great so far. But anyway, heeeeeeere's Isaac!

Isaac...don't look to your right.
In Dead Space 1, Isaac is masked through most of the game, and has no dialogue. He looks like a fairly old, bookish sort of fellow, with a very manly lantern jaw. In the first game, his girlfriend, Nicole, looks considerably younger than him.

Isaac...Ok, look to your right.
In Dead Space 2, Isaac looks younger, more in line with his supposed age of 46 years. He has touches of gray at the temples, but otherwise looks like a fairly well kept man in his middle age. He is modeled, to an extent, on his voice actor Gunner Wright. They also made Nicole look the same age. Unfortunately, Ellie looks considerably younger than him.

Isaac in N7 Armor. It's so right.
In Dead Space 3, Isaac looks even younger, and more like Gunner Wright. He no longer has any grey hair. While I actually preferred his look in DS2, I am willing to accept this as maybe being less demented has agreed with him. They also made Ellie look older, so they match better. Unfortunately, by the events of DS3, she has broken up with Isaac and is dating some warship Captain. I don't care how cool running your own ship is, Isaac blew up one of Saturn's moons for her.

I haven't gone too far in the game, so I don't know what the resolution of this love triangle will be, but I was thinking about the old "What Would Jesus Do" catchphrase from the '90s, and well WWJD...What Would Javik Do?
It's funny, as I was typing it, I could even hear Javiks voice.


Danthulhu said...

Maybe Issac had some work done? They found Ellie an eye after all...

On a different note, you had a post about horror rpg sci-fi stuff last week and it got me thinking of Eclipse Phase. It's got some interesting game mechanics though I've only read the rules and have yet to play them. In hindsight I should've just put that last bit in the other post...

CounterFett said...

No biggie. I always appreciate finding out about new game with interesting mechanics.

The funny thing about Ellie's eye is that they seem to be different colors. Seems like if they cloned her a new one, it should match, and if it's just a glass one, Isaac really should have got the right color. Maybe that's why they split? "What do you mean you don't know what color my eyes are!?!"

Danthulhu said...

I thought it was weird that in a log from Issac he mentions "finding" Ellie an eye when on the Ishimura the medical area had the equipment to clone body parts. I think the eye color mismatch was a factor in the breakup, Ellie just didn't want to say it.

And the N7 armor is definitely the way to go looks-wise. Too bad the armors are just cosmetic this time around or do they actually do something?

CounterFett said...

The better suits have more inventory slots, but once you get the slots, I believe all of the suits retain the upgrade.

So if you are playing without DLC, the new suits have more slots, but you can go back to whichever you think look best. With DLC, you can switch to the best suit at the very first suit kiosk you find (on the Roanoke).

If there is difference in armor, health, etc, it doesn't say, and I can't tell. I just dig the Security/N7 suit look, so I'd wear it even if there were something better.