Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pre Order Preview :Chaos Daemons!

Hey all Counterfett here, breaking radio silence to talk about some Chaos Daemons previews. I have not been online much at all in the past few days, which accounts for the no posting. I think I've been battling depression or anxiety or something at work, but I'm trying to get back in gear. But anyway, on with the show! Now, you all know I love me some Chaos Daemons. But how does this new wave stack up? Well, let's go have a look.

  • Herald of Khorne: This looks like a very nice sculpt of a big Bloodletter. While I do like some Bloodletters (they are most of my few remaining painted 40k models!), at $22.50 for a single model, I think I would go with the similar, cheaper, and more consistent quality of the Avatars of War Daemon Champion model.
  • Herald of Nurgle: This guy is unusual in the lineup in that he is not fat and bloated. I do wonder why he seems to have antlers, but hopefully, at least, this is a sign that the Nurgle lineup is getting away from the fatties, the whole fatties, and nothing but the fatties.
  • Herald of Slaanesh: If your taste runs to pale ladies with Lobster claws, here's your Herald. This looks like a nice cast, but, meh. I feel like I can kitbash this from bits for a lot less.
  • Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot. Cue 'Chariots of Fire' music. Seriously, his chariot's on fire. The funny thing about this one is that, while pricy, it actually seems like the better deal of the heralds, as it's a cool chariot, and is a much larger model, for not that much more investment. Plus, you know, Tzeentch.
  • Blood Throne of Khorne: See Burning Chariot, above. While less cool than the Chariots of Fire, it is a bigger model, and seems like something I would have a hard time putting together from the bits box.
  • Plague Drones of Nurgle: Plaguebearers on giant flies. Would it be a cop-out to admit that I don't know what to say about his one? Because I don't. It's Plaguebearers...on...flies. They seem like nice casts, and not too shabby of a deal compared to the stuff listed above. Something about them bothers me, though, and I don't quite know how to articulate it into words. Let me just leave you with one thought...Plaguebearers on flies.

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