Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rory's Story Cubes & Lady Korynn (solo rpg-ing)

Hey all, Counterfett here. So work progresses on my Dungeon Squad & 9Qs project. The other day I got some story cubes from Walmart. They are pretty cheap, compared to purpose built RPG stuff that is. I rather like them. Turns out my kids already had a set of these, and I never knew about it, but my mother in law ended up needing them in her classroom, so we needed a new set anyway.

Oh, and here's the other character for my Magick & Logick setting, as I am calling it, for lack of a better term. Remember, the first character, Cedrick, is a bit of a scoundrel, with a knack for talking his way out of situations he can't solve with his home made matchlock pistol.
Lady Korynn of Mennatyre, a healer and soldier, is a failed Paladin of the Order of the Sun. Coming from a minor noble family, she was sent to the monastery at a young age, and excelled at military and clerical training, eventually earning an appointment to the Order's military arm. She was considered one of the Order's rising stars, until a mishap cost many of the lives of her subordinates, and her own eye. Dejected, and feeling ostracized, she departed from the order. Refusing to become a mercenary, she turned to the life of adventuring, and fell into the company of Cedrick. While she disapproves of many of his hijinx, there are few who can tolerate her company so amicably, and the pair find they have come to depend upon each other. Her unspoken desire is to find something in her adventures with Cedrick that will allow her to regain her place in the Order.
My goal with Korynn was to make an opposite to Cedrick. While he's rakish, friendly, innovative, and disreputable, Korynn is dour and inflexible, with a rigid, self imposed code of ethics. She resents having left the Order, although she was not truly forced to. I also enjoy that she has not had her eye replaced through magical means even though she is a healer herself.

Wow, I've had a lot of piratical and eyepatch themes going on here lately haven't I?

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