Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aayla Secura

So, I have not bought any Star Wars toys in quite a while, but the recent spate of Star Wars enthusiasm spurred me to pick one up recently.

I never really liked Twileks a bunch. But maybe because blue girls are so much cooler due to Mass Effect, Twileks are less annoying by association? In any event. This is a pretty great figure. While it's small and thin, like all Star Wars females, she is still well articulated. She even stands well on her own and can hold her weapons without assistance. Something of a lost art in the toy industry these days.

I figure there's about a 75% chance I will end up converting this to a Vette figure eventually, but it's cool for now.


MIK said...

Very cool find, I really love that retro packaging. I always thought Farscape made blue chicks hot...

CounterFett said...

It takes all kinds I guess. The creators of Mass Effect said that the Asari were inspired by the 'green girls' trope from Star Trek, so I guess it's down to each individual where they get it from. Twileks used to annoy me, so I'm pretty sure it's from Mass Effect for me.

Your mileage may vary ;)