Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cyborg / Super Gaming?

Hey all, Counterfett here. I was looking around recently for a tabletop or RPG game to play an espionage style game. Something that has either a stealth or detection mechanic. It's hard to explain, but if you think of something along the lines of Deus Ex, Metal Gear Rising, or Crysis, you have the gist of the exercise.

What I am thinking is running heroes who are essentially impervious to 'normal' foes, where the success or failure of 'the mission,' rather than actual danger to the operative, are what determines experience. Of course, there will be boss enemies; robots, supertanks, and cyborgs equal to the player characters level of sophistication, which can, in fact, be a mortal danger to the PCs. The motivation here, is while the characters could waste legions of guards with impunity, they are motivated to avoid or only remove key enemy positions in order to infiltrate and complete their objectives.

While having a pretty good grasp of what I want to accomplish is a good starting point, I would be much happier if something already exists out there, rather than try and make something from scratch. I figure with all of the cyberpunk/superhero/weird wars games out there, something must fit the bill.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't argue with that ^^^^^.

Danthulhu said...

One system that does come to mind for modification is Zombicide's noise token mechanic. It seems like a good one for modification in to a system where stealth is a key component of gameplay.
Oh wait, there's Spycraft. I've read about Spycraft 2.0's 'dramatic conflict' system and it sounds like something that could be used to simulate stealth action. Of course I've also read that other parts of the system are hit or miss.

CounterFett said...

Ooh, I completely forgot about Spycraft. Good call. Plus, it has the added bonus of being D20 (the original, at least). A system I already know quite well.

Danthulhu said...

Yeah, good ol' D20, a system I never got to know that well unfortunately. I look forward to what you discover about Spycraft, either version.